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The Simpsons is the longest running animated TV sitcom in history and we have decided to pay homage to this truly fantastic show by adding a Simpsons Yahoo Avatars gallery! Here you can find avatars and display images of many popular characters on the Simpsons including Homer, Bart, Marge and Lisa. These pictures look really good when used in Yahoo Messenger and are a must-have for Simpson fans, you can quickly download the whole collection of the image files below or browse the pictures one at a time.

Barney Yahoo Avatar Homer x-ray avatar Bart Simpson Avatar Bart Avatar 2 Bart Avatar 3

Mr Burns avatar Abe Simpson yahoo avatar Homer avatar for Yahoo avatar showing homer simpson Sleeping homer avatar

Picture of homer simpson Homer Yahoo avatar Homer Yahoo avatar #2 Yet another Homer avatar Homer pointing a gun

Homer Simpson display picture Homer-doughnut image for yahoo avatars homer woo-hoo yahoo image Itchy and scratchy avatar alien display picture

Edna avatar Krusty mugshot avatar image Krusty the Klown! Krusty Display Picture for Yahoo Lisa Simpson smiling avatar

Sly Lisa yahoo avatar Lisa Simpson Shocked Lisa avatar for Yahoo Messenger Reverend Lovejoy Marge simpson YAHOO AVATAR

Yahoo Avatar Milhouse Image Moe AVATAR of Moe Ned Flanders

avatar Nelson Muntz avatar of Nelson Ralph Wiggum Principal Skinner Display for Yahoo

Tony Blair on the Simpsons Image of Chief Wiggum for Yahoo Yahoo Messenger avatar Yahoo Simpsons avatar 45 Yahoo avatar

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