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Once again the holiday season is upon us and it's time to celebrate this joyful time of the year on Yahoo Messenger! We present you with this cool avatar pack for your Yahoo Messenger:


Christmas Yahoo AvatarsChristmas Yahoo AvatarYahoo AvatarsChristmas Yahoo Avatars


  • Download Christmas Yahoo Avatars
  • Enjoy the avatars and we wish you a happy holidays!


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    Yahoo Avatars: MyAvatars for Yahoo Messenger
    Yahoo Avatars


    Are you bored of the standard Yahoo avatars? Check out MyAvatars!

    MyAvatars provides extra, new avatars for Yahoo Messenger 6. This is the product for you if you’re tired of the standard Yahoo avatars which can be boring. These high quality avatars are automatically installed, so you’ll be showing them off to your friends in a matter of seconds! MyAvatars allow you to express yourself and be different, with our unique high quality graphics, and there are enough avatars to express all your moods!

    Download MyAvatars for Yahoo Messenger 6
    Download Now!
    30 Seconds on a 56k connection

    Visit the MyAvatars for Yahoo Messenger 6 page.


    Posted by admin on Monday, December 13 @ 23:40:32 CST - - (Read More... | 165 comments | Score: 3.87)

    Yahoo Avatars: Car Avatars for Yahoo
    Yahoo Avatars


    Some brand new car avatars today, for the car freaks! There are about 20 avatars of some sleek cars waiting for you at the Cars yahoo avatars gallery. Here are a few samples.

    Yahoo avatarCar avatarsavatars for yahoo

    The avatars we have in our galleries are for Yahoo Messenger. We hope you enjoy this new set, you can also browse the other sets using the menu to your left. Check back soon for even more new content soon!


    Posted by admin on Monday, December 13 @ 23:37:48 CST - - (Read More... | 150 comments | Score: 1.72)

    Yahoo Avatars: Yahoo Messenger Avatar Help
    Yahoo Avatars


    If you need some help using our avatars in Yahoo Messenger 6, we have added a quick guide which has specific instructions on how to use them. So if your are new to Yahoo Messenger/Need some help, check it out now.

    View the Yahoo Avatar Help.


    Posted by admin on Sunday, December 12 @ 22:45:00 CST - - (Read More... | 142 comments | Score: 4)

    Yahoo Avatars: Illusion Yahoo Avatars
    Yahoo Avatars


    We have added a brand new avatar gallery to the site! the Illusion avatars for Yahoo messenger have been added to the gallery. These avatars are a bit tricky and can be fun to use in Yahoo to puzzle and annoy your friends! Check out these samples below..

    Elephant yahoo avatarIllusion AvatarsYahoo Avatars

    Go over to the Illusion Avatars and get these cool, completely free avatars for yahoo!


    Posted by admin on Monday, December 13 @ 23:13:54 CST - - (Read More... | 147 comments | Score: 4)

    Yahoo Avatars: Funny Yahoo Avatars
    Yahoo Avatars


    We all like a good laugh don't we? If you like to have a little fun and a few laughs, you need to check out our funny yahoo avatars! These great avatars are guaranteed to give you and your yahoo messenger contacts some good laughs!

    Crazy baby avatarAvatarYahoo Avatars

    Check out the Funny Yahoo Avatars!


    Posted by admin on Monday, December 13 @ 23:05:42 CST - - (Read More... | 166 comments | Score: 3.1)

    Yahoo Avatars: Simpsons Avatars for Yahoo Messenger
    Yahoo Avatars


    All of you simpsons fans out there should check out our gallery of Simpsons avatars! The images are of high quality, featuring all of your favorite characters from thw world's most popular cartoon series. There are currently 45 Avatars for Yahoo in the gallery.

    Homer yahoo avataryahoo avatarskrusty avatar

    Start browsing the Simpsons Yahoo Avatars !


    Posted by admin on Monday, December 13 @ 22:54:30 CST - - (Read More... | 175 comments | Score: 4.75)

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